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In Uncertain Times, Leadership Is Key

Hey! I’m Jonathan.

I write and speak about the confluence of resilience and leadership. I am also the author of Future Leader: Rebooting Leadership to Win the Millennial and Tech Future (available now).

Leadership matters more than we think it does

Especially right now.

We are in the middle of an unprecedented change to business as usual.

Organizations are scrambling to figure out how to continue serving their customers and progressing on their mission despite the changes.

Resilience, durability, and agility are key. This is leadership.

To navigate an uncertain future we need certain leadership. 

I can help.

It’s time for a hard reset when it comes to leadership.


My keynotes are thoughtfully designed to help you learn the comprehensive strategies and actionable tactics to confidently progress through uncertainty.


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Resilience + Leadership Insights

Mindfulness, meditation, relaxation – A moment of peace amid the anxiety

10 minutes of relaxation, meditation, or mindfulness twice per day. Read an article about the meditation app maker Headspace today. The co-founder noted that twice a day they partake in a 10-15 minute mindfulness break. As in, everybody stops fretting about, they collectively breathe, they allow their shoulders to drop, they allow their brains to […]

Resetting the score each day to 0-0

A different way to keep score in your relationships: Every morning, reset all scores to 0-0. Do you keep score? Come on… Be honest. Who owes you something? It feels normal to keep score. Especially when we are “up” in any relationship. That special thing you did for your partner. The donuts you brought in […]

Activating and managing personal resilience when big problems persist

How we activate and manage personal resilience is changing. It used to feel like we lived in relatively stable times with periods of instability that required personal resilience. Now it feels like we’re living in relatively unstable times punctuated with periods of stability. The reorientation of this equation–for whatever period of time–is the result of […]

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